Saving energy: M & S to use LEDs in its stores

UNITED KINGDOM -MARKS & SPENCER (M & S) will continue its refrigerated liquid nitrogen testing and will roll out LED lighting over the next two years to increase its energy savings.
This announcement is part of its sustainable business program called Plan A 2020 and anticipates the installation of LED lights in 100 M & S Simply Food stores and a further 300 Food Halls and Simply Food stores will receive LED lighting for their refrigeration units. In addition to this, M & S has acquired 14 trailers which use liquid nitrogen for refrigeration.
LED lighting was first tested in M & S’ Sheffield Food Hall in 2011. It has since been tested in 12 stores with a proven energy saving of approximately 20% and the LED lighting will be deployed in all M & S Food Halls Simply Food stores.

FROSTCRUISE, LINDE’s indirect cryogenic refrigeration system has been tested over the last 12 months. The trailers will deliver goods from the M & S distribution center at HEMEL HEMPSTEAD to stores around LONDON. The Frostcruise trailers are environmentally friendly and emit 62% less CO2 over their lifetime and zero emissions at point of use. The trailers are not only energy efficient but also less of a sound nuisance as the refrigeration units operate almost silently.

The viability of replacing the 670 M & S diesel-powered food delivery trailers will be assessed over a number of years. It is estimated that 6,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted by M & S (about 1% of M & S’ total emission) could be saved if the Frostcruise vehicle program is successful.