Sanitation networks – a source of environmentally friendly heating

The preservation of the environment has become a major concern to the state. Several solutions have been put in place to achieve this. The majority of these solutions are turning to energy conservation in order to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. In the same context, an innovative solution has been proposed to reduce heating energy consumption. This is ecological heating powered by the heat of sanitation.

An innovative and practical solution
The innovative heating plan involves the recovery of heat from wastewater systems to provide an environmentally friendly source of energy. The idea is to exploit the heat contained in wastewater networks. Municipalities and individuals can take advantage of this free energy to heat or cool a building. It allows the reduction of energy consumption used for heating. This two in one solution allows consumers to save money while protecting the environment.

A project of Suez Environment
Suez Environment seeks to help individuals enjoy a source of clean, cheap energy with its heat recovery project from wastewater systems. The operation of the heat potential pipeline is an alternative to limit the polluting power consumption. This technique uses a heat pump to transform the energy recovered in piping systems into heat or cool depending on the need.

Degrees Blues assists individuals in the creation of this new energy source. It will thus ensure to reduce the energy consumption by the development of the mining project pipelines wastewater networks. Consumers can reach their reduction target through innovative solution proposed by Degrees Blues. This is ecological heating system which will be powered by a source of heat from wastewater of each locality networks.