Japan declares market leader intentions

JAPAN – Accelerate Japan was launched this week amid great fanfare as Japanese companies seek to lead the way in sustainable HVAC&R. The first issue of Accelerate Japan highlights the determination of Japanese companies to be at the forefront of the revolution in natural refrigerants. The HVAC industry in Japan recognises that natural refrigerant-based technologies provide both an ecological alternative to more traditional refrigerants and also represent an opportunity to grow and develop their business.

One of the people to boldly state his company’s desire to be a world leader in sustainable HVAC&R is Shinichirou Uto, from Lawson. Mr Uto’s company’s mission statement is to become the ‘number one’ natural refrigerant user and this declaration mirrors the motivations behind the launch of Accelerate Japan.

In a press release, Accelerate Japan declared that they firmly believe that this new era of market competition between natural refrigerants and synthetic refrigerants will drive down costs, improve efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and have a reduced impact on the environment. The statement went on to state that this belief is in line with what all customers want and demand.

Accelerate Japan haqs been launched with the aim of showcasimg the best of these natural refrigerant-based technologies across all segments of the growing HVAC&R industry and claims that it will look at all aspects of the industry. The publication will cover heating and cooling, on both large and small scales and will also explore CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbon, water and air-based solutions.