FRANCE -Panasonic Chauffage et Climatisation has obtained the NF certification for its variable refrigerant flow (VRF) gas ECO G. The publication of this certification on the CERTITA website announces 100% compatibility of Panasonic DRV gas with thermal regulation 2012.
The many constraints of thermal regulation 2012, applicable since January 2013 aim to reach 50 kW per m2 per year of energy consumption. All HVAC equipment must comply with the new regulations required by the NF certification. A penalty of 20% in the calculation software consulting firms apply to materials that do not meet this certification. As part of the thermal regulation, the equipment becomes unusable.

Panasonic certified his ECO G model with hydraulic module in order to comply with the constraints of 2012 the thermal regulation. This approach also allows consulting firms to focus more on its DRV gas which is known as GHP.
Through this certification, consulting firms can more easily suggest the use of this solution in new buildings and renovations in France. Production in cooling mode up to 3.9 m3 / hour of hot water (DHW) free at 75 ° C machine output is supported by the Title V published in the Official Journal. Consulting firms included in their calculation engine DRV gas as primary energy.
Panasonic, a leader in the French market offers a DRV Gas range. This product line is designed to provide energy savings for projects subjected to a limitation of electrical power. Heat pumps (CAP) DRV PANASONIC gas use natural gas or propane. Power can thus be used for other purposes in order to reduce power loads of the building. It can be used for computer servers, commercial refrigeration, manufacturing or lighting

Systems offered by Panasonic offer significant energy savings. In addition to energy efficiency, the use of Panasonic DRV Gas offers advantages over the cost of installation and maintenance. In terms of recovery, these facilities meet the needs of heating / cooling and domestic hot water. Its low noise level is also another benefit of this type of system.