Extended warranties on Mitsubishi Electric products

UK – Facilities management provider Cloudfm have announced that they can now offer customers a 10-year warranty on all Mitsubishi Electric equipment managed on behalf of its clients.

The announcement is a result of the company being awarded BSP (Business Solutions Partner) status with the manufacturer, thereby enabling them to offer their clients an extended seven-year warranty. Cloudfm have also pledged to underwrite a further three-year warranty on all new equipment and parts for Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products in the UK.


Cloudfm ceo Jeff Dewing announced the new offer, declaring “At Cloudfm we already track the warranties on parts and labour associated with air conditioning, but this new offering takes our process to a whole new level. Through improved traceability, accountability and standardisation, our clients will achieve a far better return on investment over the lifetime of each installation.”

To be eligible for the 10-year warranty equipment must be asset tagged at the factory and can then only be installed, maintained and repaired by Cloudfm-approved engineers holding a Mitsubishi Electric training certificate.

Deane Flint, sales director for Mitsubishi Electric, welcomed the announcement, saying “Cloudfm has built its reputation on delivering the best possible service to its customers and this total commitment to excellence matches the quality of delivery that we as a manufacturer expect. The promise to add this extension to the warranty reinforces that approach and is also a clear demonstration of Cloudfm’s ability to ensure that our products deliver maximum performance for customers throughout their working life.”