GERMANY – A supermarket in Marburg-Cappel, Germany become the first supermarket to receive a Blue Angel ecolabel for environmental responsibility. The tegut… supermarket achieved this noteworthy status with the help of Carrier Europe’s CO2OLtec integral refrigeration system and energy efficient remote cabinets.

Since its inception in 1978, the Blue Angel ecolabel has been awarded to more than 12 000 environmentally sustainable products and services from approximately 1500 companies in Germany. The Blue Angel ecolabel was instigated to try to help consumers make purchasing decisions based on a set of exacting environmental standards and it designates a product or service which meets the highest standards in terms of its environmental, health and performance characteristics.
In order to receive this highly regarded environmental label, tegut… had to satisfy numerous exacting criteria including refrigerated display cabinets fitted with glass doors, photovoltaics on the roof, use of natural refrigerants and LED lighting, leaflets made from recycled paper and on-site facilities for bicycles. The supermarket stated that Carrier was tegut…’s first choice for sustainable, energy efficient refrigeration equipment.
“The energy consumption of this flagship store was reduced by 30 percent compared to conventional, older stores,” proudly declared Detlev Müller, the head of facility and energy management at tegut…. “With refrigeration being one of the largest energy consumers in a supermarket, for us it was only natural to partner with Carrier to achieve the best and most sustainable result.”
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tegut… took the decision to install sustainable technology which uses CO2 for refrigeration as well as for the heating of the store. The supermarket decided to avail of Carrier’s environmentally sustainable CO2OLtec system, which Carrier claims to help to improve the store’s energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint by using the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide, which has a Global Warming Potential of one. Carrier also state that all of the wasted heat created during the refrigeration process is collected and redistributed for heating via its CO2OLheat module.
This integration of refrigeration and heating should result in significant levels of energy efficiency, cutting energy costs by up to 35 percent while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent. Additional energy savings can also be generated through refrigerated display cabinets with features such as glass doors, LED lighting and dual speed EC fans.
“We are proud to contribute to tegut…’s Blue Angel ecolabel designation with the installation of our innovative integrated CO2 refrigeration system and refrigerated display cabinets,” commented the general manager of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Germany, Udo Laeis.