WORLD–The new KXZ VRF series from MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (MHI) offers improved performance in both cooling and heating for all commercial applications. It boasts a high level of design flexibility, improved efficiency and improved operational functions. The system features many key enhancements and this micro blog highlights the benefits and functions of the latest key VRF technology.


The KX VRF system from MHIAE offers simple and flexible solutions for commercial and industrial applications, with up to 80 indoor units in a single system.

Sophisticatedcontrol,combined with cutting edge technologyensureslower powerconsumption andhigher efficiency rates in the VRF series. The KX rangestarts from a minimumcooling capacityof 11.2kW (22.4 kilowatts forheat recovery), all the way up to the largest capacity single outdoor unitbuilding industry with a cooling capacity of68.0kW.Outdoor unitscan also be combined in pairs, providing up to 136.0kWon a single system.

KX6 heat pump systems operate with two interconnecting pipes (commonly referred to as a “2-pipe system”) and provide either a heating or cooling operation for all indoor units. The KX6 series is suitable for a wide range of applications from use in an individual apartment to heating or cooling an entire multistorey building.

The KXR6 heat recovery systems operate using three interconnecting pipes (commonly referred to as a “3 pipe system “) and provide both heating and cooling operations to individual indoor units depending on the desired room condition. KXR6 incorporates highly sophisticated control to manage multiple indoor areas and is used for applications where the building orientation results in heat gain/loss on each side of the building.

The VRF indoor unit range

The range consists of 17 different types of exposed or concealed indoor units, with 92 models available. The selection of units provides options for many kinds of rooms and set-upsand also has a wide range of capacities.

A high efficiency heat exchange allows these units to optimise the relationship between airflow velocity and fin pattern so as to maximise air distribution.

The VRF outdoor unit range

MHIAE offer a wide range of condensing units from 4 to 48hp to provide a solution for all applications, both large and small. The units’ compact design keeps the cost and environmental impact to a minimum whilst also saving on space, and long pipe lengths ensure flexibility and easy installation.
Units from 8 to 48hp are also available in Heat Recovery systems, which provide simultaneous heating and cooling to individual indoor units according to the requirements of each room. 3D scroll compressors provide the units with higher efficiency and durability and yet housed in a more condensed package.