EUROPE – Mitsubishi Electric have announced that they have decided to rebrand DeLclima S.p.A., which has now been 100% owned by Mitsubishi Electric since the 24th of February 2016, as MELCO Hydronics & IT Cooling S.p.A. The company revealed that the name change had actually come into effect as of March the 15th.

The decision to rename DeLclima was taken to underline the company’s mission and to signify to employees, customers and suppliers that the company has become an integral and valued part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group. Mitsubishi Electric also announced that it was part of their strategy to swiftly realize synergies and strengthen their commercial HVAC business globally.

The acquisition of DeLclima also marks Mitsubishi Electric’s full-scale entry into the chiller business and the company hopes this will enable them to further expand their business portfolio, which may prove important in achieving continuous growth and increasing market presence. The company also believe that the acquisition will allow them to adequately respond to environmental regulations (F-Gas regulations), which are expected to increasingly impact on business practices in the coming years.

Europe is now Mitsubishi Electric’s second most important HVAC market, after Japan, and,  as the European air conditioning market develops, it will further require market players both to provide value-added products such as energy-saving products and to comply with environmental regulations. Consequently, Mitsubishi Electric has set its sights on growing its business in the region with a particular focus on room and packaged air conditioning as well as multi air conditioning systems for buildings.