UNITED STATES – LG Electronics presented at the 2014 AIA Expo its cooling solutions for new buildings or renovation to provide better energy consumption management. The American Institute of Architect (AIA) exposure of Chicago was held during the week of June 26. On this occasion, LG Electronics has proposed several solutions for professionals working in the field of construction of new green buildings low consumption or renovation projects. This new range of LG products for commercial and residential use includes the Multi V Water IV, the Multi V IV, Multi V Ceiling and other innovative features

The air conditioning equipment sold by LG are equipped with the technology of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). These equipments presented at the AIA Expo offer energy benefits such as reducing efficiency losses over time. In the long run, this energy efficiency saves on both cost and energy for building owners. DRV solutions are prized by buildings professionals because of their ease of adaptation to various parameters such as offices, hotels or schools. They also have a low noise level.
Kevin McNamara, vice president of LG Electronics Air Conditioning department said the company combines quality and efficiency without forgetting the design to meet customer requirements. That is why it offers the DRV solutions to professionals in the construction sector by providing them with tools that meet the requirements of energy efficiency.

Multi V water IV
Multi V water IV equipment is allowing consumers to use only the energy needed to cool or heat a specific area. It can be connected to the existing facility to minimize installation costs. The DRV water system saves space because it can be installed on the ground or in a closet depending on the choice of the user.

Multi V IV
This is the fourth generation of the LG Multi V using the VRF technology. It offers significant benefits compared to traditional air conditioning systems ones. It offers lower installation costs, comfort and a superior efficiency compared to its predecessor the Multi VIII. The new design of this air conditioning contributes to the optimization of energy efficiency.

Multi V for the roof
This equipment for multizone ceiling is easy to install and adapts to different locations with its small size of 8 inches. This insert material combines design and efficiency to optimize the air conditioning system. Its low noise level of only 26 dB provides a quieter environment.

The Art Cool system

New versions of the Multi F are designed as true works of art with the Cool Art Design. These new Artcool devices are the most remarkable range. It is also an alternative to HVAC central and universal air conditioners.
The new system with a capacity of up to 54,000 Btu / h can heat and cool up to 8 separate areas while maintaining a low noise level. It is a high-energy efficiency with ARHI, certified SEER. Designed Artcool equipment were also exposed to the AIA. They helped to highlight the innovative and easy to install systems. The smallest model has a capacity of up to 9000 Btu / h (about 2.6 kWh). The designed Art Cool Mirror is both chic and less noisy model with capacities between 9000 Btu / h about 2.6 kWh) and 22,000 Btu / hr (6.5 kWh).