The British Refrigeration Association (BRA) has revised its specifications for refrigeration brazing pipeworks.
This latest issue (issue 5) contains a BRA recommendation section covering upward vertical flow test joints that are currently not fully covered by BS EN14276. The new section concerning upward vertical flow test joints conforms to requirements laid out in BS EN13585 and it was considered important that this be included so that the training now covers all necessary aspects. The BRA recommendation now covers this aspect until such time as BS EN14276 is amended.

The specifications document “Jointing of Copper Pipework for Refrigeration Systems Specification & Procedures for Manual Torch Brazing and Brazer Assessment” was developed by BRA’s commercial contractors section. It also incorporates a practical method of assessing an individual’s competence to braze joints for refrigeration and air conditioning pipework in adherence to national standards and relevant legislation.
The BRA has also been busy producing guidelines over the last twelve months and their informative Fact Finders should provide valuable information for the sector. Their most recent updates are as follows:


Factfinder 7 – “A Guide to Selecting Copper Tube and Fittings for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems with Air Cooled CondensersCompletely and newly updated to be in line with BS EN14276.
Factfinder 17 – “Using Refrigerant GWP Values – A guide to selecting the appropriate dataAlso completely updated to reflect the latest GWP values that will be referred to under the new F-gas regulation.
Factfinder 19 – “BRA Recommendation for Specification of Natural RefrigerantsA new Fact Finder covering ammonia (R717/NH3), hydrocarbons (R600a/isobutane, R290/propane, R1270/propylene, etc) and carbon dioxide (R744/CO2).