The European STEEEP project brought by CCI

FRANCE – STEEEP (Support & training for an energy efficiency good performance) is a European project partly funded by the Intelligent Energy-Europe program. CCI (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie) is responsible for the operational implementation at regional level.

STEEEP assisted 630 European SMEs (including 170 in France, 60 in the Rhône-Alpes) in their efforts to improve energy performance. By 2017, the project plans to reduce energy consumption of participating companies from 10 to 15%. The role of the CCI will provide personalised support, disseminate best practices and promote the development of technical skills in these areas. It will also enable the most effective support mechanisms put in place in the future.

It is too early to imagine the impact that STEEEP will have on good practice in tertiary or industrial HVAC. However there will inevitably be an impact because, firstly HVAC represents a significant part of the energy consumption of SMEs (up 40%) and on the other hand, the local roots of STEEEP project will necessarily support a strong dissemination assessed and recognized by this program practices.