Forecast Growth of the European Air Conditioning Market

BSRIA, a British market research company, has revealed an evaluation for the entire European market in 2015. The forecast is a development of mass markets from year 2015. Sales estimations for the next year amount to €8.7 billion. This company also expects an acceleration of market growth, which could increase to €9.5 billion by the end of 2017. According to the company´s research, the market will be dominated by the high-end residential sector.

The air conditioning market in most countries is developing in 2014. However, according to the research, Russia and Italy will experience a significant reduction in the value of their contracts with respective falls of 24% and 14%. By comparison, the UK should register significant growth this year, with an estimated 18% increase in demand for all air conditioning products. Spain, which was badly hit by the economic slowdown, will see an evolution of the market.

The trend in sales is turning towards heating management equipment. The market should be dominated by German manufacturers. German manufacturers control 47% of the European market, a significant proportion compared to other countries. France is in second place, closely followed by the UK, respectively controlling 10% and 8% of the market.