EPTA, an Italian multinational company specialising in the sale of commercial refrigeration equipment, has acquired the COLD SERVICE GROUP, based in Hampshire (UK).

The acquisition positions EPTA as a national service provider having already obtained a position in the UK market with the leading refrigeration George Baker. EPTA see a synergy between both British companies, with all the benefits it will bring to the EPTA group in general.

As clearly shown in the announcement of this association, the president and CEO of the firm EPTA, Sergio Chiostri, this collaboration will open new opportunities for everyone. The joint resources will be optimised to encourage rapid expansion. All this, of course taking into account the skills and technologies of both companies.

Peter Grimes the president of COLD SERVICE added for his part, that each party will become stronger: “We must build a common value that will make a high-quality service and development. This is what will strengthen the competitiveness of both companies for their mutual success”.

COLD SERVICE started as a company specialising in the design and engineering in 1946. Over the years, COLD SERVICE has developed:

  • Installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems.
  • The repair of all equipment related to it.

The company has mastered many services in refrigeration, such as trade, distribution, and centralisation. It has also signed significant contracts with very large clients like Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Greggs, Morrisons, One-Stop and Prêt à Manger.

Over a hundred engineers are employed to ensure the success of the company´s activities.