Chinese survey reveals air quality concerns

CHINA – A recent survey commissioned by Honeywell has revealed that 60% of Chinese people are worried about indoor air quality, with the majority of the population seeking improvements in indoor air quality in public facilities and the workplace. The survey, entitled “Chinese Attention on Indoor Air Quality Survey”, also discovered that although almost 80% of respondents considered household air purification an absolute necessity, many respondents admitted lacking knowledge of air-cleaning technologies and products.

The survey, which was jointly commissioned by Honeywell and the China Indoor Air Quality Industry Association and carried out via the independent market research company Ipsos, was designed to provide a clearer picture of the Chinese public’s awareness, concerns and expectations regarding indoor air quality. The survey was compiled by collecting data from upwards of 2,000 respondents from 10 different cities across China.

According to the findings of the survey, 60% of respondents from various regions across China were dissatisfied with indoor air quality, while a worrying 50% of them reported health issues among colleagues, friends, and family due to breathing polluted indoor air. The paper also revealed that 57% of respondents expressed greater misgivings about indoor air quality in public places than in their homes, where they felt that they had more control over the quality of the air. Approximately half of the respondents recognised that there was an urgent need to improve indoor air quality at the workplace. This concern about air quality was even more marked for crowded public places such as train/metro stations and airports which were rated as having the worst indoor air quality, with 66% of respondents suggesting that the air quality at these places should be monitored and made public. Interestingly, the survey also revealed that 47% of respondents declared that they would be willing to pay a little extra money to enjoy better indoor air quality.
“Most people spend 80 percent of their day indoors. And the survey shows that Chinese people aren’t just worried about indoor air quality — they would like to see it improved, especially in areas beyond their direct control, such as public facilities and workplaces,” commented the president and CEO of Honeywell, China Stephen Shang, in a press statement to announce the findings of the survey.

“That’s why Honeywell is committed to improving indoor air quality and dedicated to the development of innovative products that will increase the quality and security of daily life.”