WORLD – Danfoss, the Danish-based producer of components and solutions, have released their new generation VLT Aqua Drive which contains specially designed software features to protect user’s assets. The company claim that the VLT Aqua Drive is the most flexible and dedicated energy optimization solution available for water or sewage systems due to its wide power range and active/passive filters (for EMC and mitigation of harmonic currents).

Danfoss claim that their latest product also delivers optimized energy needs via its AEO function (Automatic Energy Optimizer) which constantly adjusts the current motor voltage, ensuring that the engine runs at optimum efficiency. Consequently, the company states that the VLT Aqua Drive adapts its voltage to the actual load conditions.

The company further states that their energy solution will guarantee reduced operating costs for users since compared to mechanical speed control systems, electronic speed control through the VLT Aqua Drive series generates major energy savings and significantly reduces wear which therefore leads to reduced operating costs. The company also suggest that electronic speed control may have a positive effect on several aspects of system processes and the overall system operation.

The effect of management systems of water and waste water is dependent on the optimal operating point which in turn varies depending on the utilization of system capacity. A system works more efficiently when the system is running closer to its optimum operating point. Danfoss boast that, due to their continuous variable speed, their VLT frequency converters are able to use the system exactly at the optimal operating point.

Another feature of the new VLT Aqua Drive is their lower noise and longer life.
The company state that the speed controlled operation using frequency converters employed in their solution can help reduce the acoustic noise while they also claim that applications running with partial load are subject to less wear, which means a longer product life.