Heatcraft unveil industrial unit coolers

USA – Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration have unveiled three new industrial unit cooler platforms. The company stated that the Industrial Unit Coolers have capacities of up to 50 tonnes and are suitable for use in large cold storage and process cooling applications, such as blast freezers and processing facilities. Heatcraft also claim that the new unit coolers are capable of accommodating various air flow needs depending on the application, ranging from extended air throw to gentle dual air discharge.

Speaking at the product launch, Mark Dutton, senior product manager for Heatcraft, stated that “The introduction of Heatcraft industrial unit coolers with larger capacities expands our capability to fully support the various and growing refrigeration needs of the cold storage and industrial refrigeration markets.”

Mr Dutton outlined the reason for producing the new units, saying “Expanding this product line gives our distribution partners greater opportunity to win large cold storage business and grow share in this market space. Heatcraft is committed to designing products that provide energy efficiency, improve operational costs and enhance product integrity.”

The new Heatcraft units have been constructed with a mill finished G90 galvanized steel cabinet, 5/8” diameter aluminum finned/copper tube evaporator coils, premium efficient totally enclosed fan motors and a double wall insulated drain pan. The company further claim that additional built-in features, such as hinged end-covers and fan panels, will guarantee easier maintenance and cleaning of these large units. Heatcraft also disclosed that electric defrost heaters have been inserted into the coil slab to provide efficient electric defrost.