Daikin publish refrigeration selection policy

WORLD – Daikin Industries Ltd have announced the launch of a new global publication explaining the company’s policy and actions pertaining to the environmental impact of refrigerants.

Daikin are keen to take advantage of their reputation for being an environmentally aware company as the first manufacturer to launch residential and commercial air conditioners / heat pumps using the refrigerant HFC-32. Consequently, the new publication seeks to outline the company’s general considerations in choosing a refrigerant as well as the refrigerant direction for the whole Daikin portfolio, including VRV, Applied and Refrigeration products. Daikin hope that their publication will also explain the role of the company and its stakeholders in reducing the environmental impact during the entire refrigerant and equipment lifecycle.

Daikin are recognised as having unique expertise as a consequence of manufacturing both equipment and refrigerants. In terms of refrigerant choice, Daikin has experience in using fluorinated (HFC, HFO) as well as non-fluorinated gases (Ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons), as the company states that they believe in a policy of diversity in refrigerant choice which allows the best suited option to be used in each application.

The publication reveals that Daikin considers four basic factors when making a refrigerant choice: safety, environmental impact, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Their new guide seeks to explain this process in greater detail, in addition to giving some practical examples from the Daikin product portfolio.

The guide can be read in full here