EBM-PAPST already in line with Directive ERP 2015

Having been aware for a long time of the fatal effects on the environment of excessive carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, the European Union has taken steps. In 2005, it amended the Energy Using Products directive (EUP) in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20%. In 2009, the EUP was renamed ERP (the Energy Related Products-directive). ERP now forces fan manufacturers to comply with very strict standards to make their products more energy efficient by 2015.

The European Union wants to gradually discourage “energy gluttony” shown by many devices currently on the market. For this reason, it started removing 30% of these devices out of market in January 2013. This was the first step of the directive being applied. The second step will start in 2015 with 20% devices being withdrawn. Thereafter fans that comply with the standards will be approved and recognisable by the EC badge.

Meanwhile, manufacturers are forced to advise of the power consumption of their fans between 125 and 500 watts. These measures apply to both conventional fans and as integrated components of large scale installations. Compliant devices will be evaluated and recognised on the basis of the whole “engine, turbine and electronics control”. The EU regulations also set strict limits on the manufacture of the fans.

At a time when many manufacturers are stepping to the task of meeting the EU standards, EBM-PAPST technology has an advantage with its Green Tech EC. Indeed, Green Tech technology delivers intelligent energy saving that go beyond the required standards of the ERP. Although we are not yet in 2015, almost all EBM-PAPST fans are already equipped with this technology.

With its new highly economical fan model called ‘ Radical’, EBM-PAPST meets the standards required by the European Union and ERP regulations.