French charter of voluntary commitments to energy renovation of condominiums

FRANCE – Representatives of the Plan Bâtiment Durable (Plan for sustainable buildings) and the main professional property management agencies signed a second charter of voluntary commitments to energy renovation for apartment buildings on 24th March.
The first charter, dating from December 2014, focused on the training requirements of energy transitions in apartment buildings.
Through this new Charter signatories have committed to a certain number of measures including:
– Encouraging apartment buildings to carry out a diagnosis of collective energy efficiency or energy audit over the course of 2015, a full year before the end date set by law regarding the national commitment to the environment,
– A projected vision of co-ownership through a global approach encompassing architectural and heritage concerns
– The need for professionals classified as having attained the RGE standard (“Recognised Guarantor of the Environment”).

Posted by Christophe Savonnet, Helios Avocats, Lyon.