Taiwan Green Demo House unveiled

TAIWAN – Taiwan’s Green Trade Project Office has recently launched the newest version of its “Taiwan Green Product Demo House,”, an environmentally friendly, reusable exhibition show booth which is made entirely using state-of-the-art materials that have been certified by both domestic and international green standards.

For the last 20 months, more than 43 companies have availed of the opportunity to showcase their eco-friendly products and innovations to people around the world via the Taiwan Green Demo House.

The Taiwan Green Demo House was founded on three key principles: that it be modular, easy-to-assemble and reusable. Furthermore the demo house has been designed specifically to present the use and application of high-quality green products and services in as realistic a setting as possible, thus the Demo House enables visitors to experience the full benefit of each product displayed, in conditions analogous to a real home, office, or retail space.

In addition, the Taiwan Green Demo House also claims to utilise the advanced building-energy-modelling software IES-VE in an attempt to ensure that the best energy-saving strategies are employed. The IES-VE software analyzes a variety of different inputs, including climate data, building design, and HVAC design in order to calculate a building’s energy consumption and anticipated energy bills. The software then proposes appropriate energy-saving strategies based on the return-on-investment (ROI) of the application of energy-saving products.

For example, replacing a building’s ceiling and walls with thin-film PV can filter out modules’ harmful radiation, heat can be blocked, and clean energy from the sun can be generated, delivering a potential total energy savings of up to 23 %. Similarly, installing energy-saving glass can reduce temperatures by 8 to 11 degrees and also block over 50% of noise, delivering a 12% boost to total energy savings. Other strategies that the demo house has shown to be effective at delivering energy savings include installing LED dimmer bulb series, using solar-power bricks, and equipping Paradigm’s reactance filter to the power source of a home, store or factory. According to calculations carried out using the IES-VE software, for a virtual 3,170-square-meter, two-story building in Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming, or Guangzhou, with average annual weather conditions, energy savings of up to 75% can be attained just by making the five aforementioned changes.

The Taiwan Green Demo House also features several of what are claimed to be the world’s newest smart, eco-friendly innovations, such as Heatax’s insulation coating, which has been widely hailed for having the highest cost-to-performance value of all thermal insulation paints in Taiwan. Heatax claim that their inslation coating can reflect up to 88 percent of solar heat, making it easy to use for DIY-projects, long-lasting and affordable. Another innovation that has been unveiled in the Green demo house is Nustone, a one-of-a-kind building material that gives ordinary surfaces the look and feel of stone. Nustone is in fact essentially a new generation of spray paint which creates a genuine stone-like surface of granite, marble, or quartzite, etc.

The Taiwan Green Demo House is exhibiting in Qingdao in July 2015 and is also scheduled to exhibit at the 2015 Taipei Building Show in December 2015, Qatar’s International Construction Tech & Building Material Exhibition in May 2016, and Singapore’s Build Eco Expo BEX in September 2016.