OTIS and CARRIER invite international experts to promote sustainable development in Turkey and Saudi Arabia

TURKEY / SAUDI ARABIA: Sustainable development is the best alternative to face the problems caused by climate change. It is in this context that CARRIER and OTIS invited international experts to a conference aimed at promoting the advancement of sustainable development in two emerging countries: Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The meetings were arranged to allow construction professionals to learn more about ecological standards. Two special events brought together about 400 professionals in Jeddah and Istanbul. These meetings also had the support of some brands in the security field and fires such as EDWARDS, KIDDE and MARIOFF.

Jeddah and Istanbul meetings
Worldwide, Turkey ranks eighth in terms of the construction of green buildings that were the subject of registration and certification. As for Saudi Arabia, the government authorities have now decided that all large corporations have a period of five years to meet the new environmental standards on noise, water and air.

The organization of these seminars enabled the various participants to be trained on the new standards. Two experts of sustainable development in the field of construction had to exhibit on two important topics. They were Professor Nils Kok of Maastricht University and Valentin A. Lehr, a specialist in sustainable construction.

The first one presented an essay on the economic impact of energy efficiency and sustainability in the areas of commercial and residential property, and with new data to support such high rates of rent for energy efficient buildings. The second specialist, exposed how trends in the construction of buildings affect the construction of the selection, design, system, especially in environments where energy is abundant and at low cost such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

CARRIER and OTIS two key companies in sustainable development

OTIS and CARRIER are part of the group UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP (UTC). CARRIER is one of the world’s leading providers in the field of thermal and Aeraulic systems. This branch now operates in the sector of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and providing technology solutions. It offers sustainable solutions such as integrating energy efficient products and building control and energy services for several purposes.

As for OTIS, they are involved in the manufacture and maintenance of equipment such as elevators, escalators and moving walkways in the world. It has over 150 years of experience.

Through these meetings in Istanbul and Jeddah, CARRIER and OTIS were able to demonstrate their knowledge while promoting the cause of sustainable development among industry players in countries with strong potential for development.