ebm-papst announce financial results

WORLD – The ebm-papst group, the world market leader for fans and motors, have released their yearly financial report after the close of the fiscal year on the 31st of March, 2015. The results reveal that the company remains on course for global growth with revenue for the German based group totaling €1.573 billion, which represented an increase of 4.8% on the previous year’s figure of €1.501 billion. The company invested over €105 million in the expansion of its production capacity and €95 million in research and development activities in its desire to strengthen its position in the global market.

The Asia region was the group’s principal area of growth while the American and European markets also delivered strong results. The company claimed to have achieved satisfactory growth in six of its eight main sectors for its business segments,, including ventilation and air conditioning, mechanical engineering, refrigeration, transport and household appliances. The number of new employees within the group also confirmed this positive trend as, at the end of the fiscal year, ebm-papst employed 11,954 employees worldwide compared to 11,701 the previous year.

The six sectors that ebm-papst recorded satisfying growth in were ventilation and air conditioning (14.6%) and distribution (10.4%), refrigeration (8.1%), mechanical engineering (7.2%), transport (3.0%) and the household appliance sector (1.3%). The two sectors that didn’t deliver the expected performances were the heating sector (-5.8%) and the IT and telecommunications sector (-6.7%).


In a press statement, Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ebm-papst group declared “In a difficult global economic environment, we were able extend our international market and technology leadership. Our long-range corporate focus on energy efficiency, conservation of resources and digitalization is in keeping with the spirit of the times, and we will maintain it with record investments in research and development and in increased production capacity.”

The ebm-papst group hopes to record revenue growth of 6.3% to €1.672 billion for the 2015/2016 fiscal year.