WeatherBug home delivering greater efficiency

USA – A press release from reveals that, as Weather Bug announced on January 29, 2016,  a market study finds WeatherBug Home delivers 3 times more HVAC energy savings (combined with a connected/smart thermostat) than when a home is simply using another connected/smart thermostat . The report claims that clients in a national grid study saved 11.4% more on home cooling (16.5% of savings vs 5.1% of savings) when WeatherBug Home capabilities were integrated with a connected thermostat. The study is based on a pilot conducted by National Grid. 

The report also found that, on a per-square-foot basis, the WeatherBug Home optimized group saved 0.1808 kWh/sqft, compared to 0.0358 kWh/sqft for the control group, while homes equipped with WeatherBug Home’s optimization and controls capabilities more effectively regulated temperatures than homes without these capabilities. The report further suggested that indoor air temperatures for the group with WeatherBug Home optimization controls more closely matched set points compared to the group without that optimization control.

National Grid (running in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island) is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast and commissioned the customer pilot in residential homes. The study sought to compare HVAC savings between homes with non-connected thermostats (the control group) versus those with a connected thermostat and home energy monitoring reports versus those with WeatherBug Home thermostat optimization as well as a connected thermostat and home energy monitoring reports.