Heating Rationing Risk in UK this Winter

UNITED KINGDOM – For economic reasons, it is likely that British homeowners will ration the use of boilers and heaters during the winter.

Heating is one of the first concerns of homeowners in winter. However, one homeowner out of ten admitted to tapping into their savings to pay their heating bills in 2014 according to research conducted by HomeServe.

According to the independent survey of homeowners in the UK, the research found that 31% of homeowners are willing to ration the usage time of their heating in 2014. On the other hand, 11% of respondents say that boiler failure is one of their biggest concerns in the winter, and 18% declared themselves prepared to ration heating in a part of their home.

With less than two months to go until Christmas, 10% of owners expect heating bills above their means. Furthermore, 10% are preparing to tap into their savings to cover their home´s heating costs.
According to Greg Reed – director of marketing for HomeServe – “This research shows that people are really going to make tough decisions this winter, a time of year when British households work more. We are not surprised that the interruption of the boiler is a concern, but we remain available every day to support people when they need us. ”

HomeServe offers consumers and owners a range of practical advice on their common boilers problems and Reed added, “Our website offers a lot of help and advice with a wealth of information on how to protect the house against the weather of the winter for those experiencing these winter boiler problems”.