GERMANY – Siemens have announced the launch on the market of the fifth version of its web server OZW772, which has an integrated power indicator. This new version will be compatible with all Synco, and supports the integration of KNX communication objects. Existing software models can be updated to version V5.

This is the first time, according to Siemens, the OZW772 web server allows access to a common HVAC Synco products and electrical products range KNX, which could make the operation much simpler, the collection and data analysis . This would be an important step forward for Siemens systems, which will enable more and achieve energy savings.

Version 5 of the OZW772 web server can support up to 250 Synco controllers and up to 230 KNX communication objects. In addition, the latest version now has a recording tool trends, with intervals that can be selected, from a second to a day.

The combination of KNX and Synco, besides being easier to use, according SIEMENS allows to consider a number of new scenarios, including the acquisition and analysis of data for energy optimization of the plants.