MICHIGAN – After an intense search led by the Board of Directors, Harold Karp has been appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of TECUMSEH PRODUCTS. Previously, Mr. Karp served as interim CEO from June 27, 2014.

The Board hired Russell Reynolds to conduct research for this post. The research included opinions, and personal interviews of several qualified candidates, including Mr. Karp, Russell Reynolds and the Board. At the end of this process, Mr. Karp was appointed following a unanimous decision.

TECUMSEH PRODUCTS is a global manufacturer of hermetic compressors for residential areas. The firm is specialised in the manufacture of air conditioning equipment, refrigerators and freezers. It also works in the realisation of commercial refrigeration applications including air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, as well as condensing units, heat pumps and complete refrigeration systems. News releases and other information about this company are available via the Investor Relations section of the TECUMSEH PRODUCTS website.