ITALY – STEFANI has achieved UL certification for its batteries featuring a finned coil after the batteries were subjected to specific tests. The tests verified the compliance of batteries with the highest technical requirements and international regulations, including those in the US and Canadian markets.

STEFANI is certified for Class SNHZ with UL SA33903. The brand C UR is attributed to the heat exchangers and refrigerant in the United States and Canada. The finned coil packs with the UL certification are designated to different kinds of use. They can be used with traditional and non-traditional refrigerants for evaporation / condensation operations. They can also be used with brine in a heating / cooling.

STEFANI finned UL certified coils are available in several sizes: 25 mm x 22 mm or 30 mm x 26 mm and  tubes 7.2 mm, 7.94 mm, 9.54 mm and 12 mm.

They also fit the certification standards:
– CSA C22.2 NO. 140.3-09 cooling elements for electrical equipment – Issue 2 – Issue Date 2009/09/01

– And the UL 207 standard for components and non-electrical cooling accessories – Edition 8 – Issue date 2009/04/20

SNHZ category includes heat exchangers and refrigerant.

Marking finned tube type products: C UR for the United States and C UR for Canada: UL file: SA33903.