SAINT GOBAIN supports the Atlantic Challenge of Nantes concerning the 2014 Solar Decathlon

The first edition of the international Solar Decathlon competition was held in 2002. The competition’s main objective is to enable young people of all nationalities to present their innovation and creativity around a construction project and renovation contributing to social well-being and energy performance.

After 12 years of the competition, the French section is present this year with the team Atlantic Challenge (ATC), which includes more than hundred students mainly from three schools of Nantes: Ecole centrale de Nantes, Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Nantes and Ecole supérieure de bois.

SAINT GOBAIN does not intend to remain on the sidelines of the event. Among the 20 teams competing for the 12th edition, the company is committed through its research and development department alongside the Nantes teams. The decision of the Saint Gobin leaders was specifically based on the energy aspect of Nantes project. Indeed, ATC, during this edition will present their project ‘Phileas” which consists of the rehabilitation of the CAP 44, a building dating from 1895. This renovation will allow for the versatile use of the building to provide:
• Housing;
• Nurseries;
• Restaurants;
• Offices …

The renovation will also lead to the intensified urbanisation of the industrialised area of Bas-Chantenay, a neighbourhood 5 km from the city centre of Nantes.

From June 28 to July 14, a model of ‘Phileas’ presented at Versailles will show the outline of the project with components: an apartment of 70 sqm on the top floor with a balcony of 15 m² and a food greenhouse 70 m².