The new condenser MXW produced by Heatcraft Europe, the US subsidiary of Lennox International group, is now available. This new equipment is made with micro-channel technology. It boasts efficiency and exceptional performance to meet user expectations.  The new range MXW is designed to meet the problems of congestion. Its size has been realized in order to adapt to different applications. This helical V-shaped equipment is in the same family of air heat exchanger equipment. The performance of this new product range has been improved to reduce energy consumption due to its high density. The power range of this series varies from 130 kilowatts to 1670 kilowatts. A wide choice that allows users to find the segment that meets their needs and corresponding to its application.

The series of condensers MXW integrates microchannels technology. This innovative technique can significantly reduce the refrigerant charge. The energy efficiency of this new range of equipment ensures energy conservation. The energy performance of this series of devices has been optimized. These products also represent an advantage over the sound. It in fact has a low noise level. Its use won’t affect any of the neighborhood.
About design, the series of condenser MXW has a beautiful look. It is particularly good for ease of integration site. Controllability of the device has also been studied to facilitate the transport and movement. This equipment can be used in supermarkets and in food services. It should be noted that this new range of axial condensers is certified and environment respectful.