Danfoss acquires Advitronic Engineering

NETHERLANDS – Danfoss announced today that it has acquired the Dutch software company Advitronic Engineering B.V., headquartered in Giessen in the Netherlands and founded in 2004 in a takeover effective as of today. Danfoss stated that uniting the two companies together will benefit its customers in terms of lower operational cost and improved energy efficiency.
The acquisition of Advitronic Engineering is an investment for Danfoss and part of the company’s ongong strategic focus to strengthen its food retail services portfolio to the benefit of our customers and partners. The company believes that providing access to all relevant data at the point of retail is critical to selling monitoring and controlling services, and they are of the opinion that Advitronic Engineering has developed products that enable connectivity between different control systems.

“Joining forces with Advitronic Engineering is an investment in capabilities related to Connectivity and Internet of Things, and this investment will strengthen our business and position within the food retail industry worldwide. The investment will provide us with an opportunity to position ourselves as a solution-oriented and innovative partner in smart store solutions and will further improve Danfoss’ enterprise management systems. Advitronic Engineering has developed products that enable capturing data from different products and control systems in supermarkets. By offering better enterprise management systems across all stores of a food retailer, Danfoss can add a lot of value to our customers,” declared Henrik Schurmann, Vice President, Food Retail, Danfoss Cooling, in a press statement.

Pim Melisse, the General Manager of Advitronic Engineering, also commented on the acquisition, saying “the growing interest among customers keen to take control of their own system performance has turned into a business. Together, Danfoss and Advitronic Engineering is a great match to lower operational cost and improve energy efficiency. Our partnership is a great win for the food retail industry and our customers.”