FRANCE – A search and design tool is now available online to facilitate the choice of a heat pump (CAP). This new system allows you to find the suitable heat pump for a new installation, a replacement, or information about existing pumps. The products informations offered by this tool are treated according to four main points:

Quick search: it allows you to find all information related to the design and replacement of a specific pump.
– Pratical guide: it allows you to find the right pump that fit needs of temperature and concentration.
– Quick Sizing: This information is provided based on the height and speed of the researched pump. The tool offers a selection of Grundfos pump corresponding to the requests.
– Personalized Results: The search results can be adapted to specific needs in terms of price, energy consumption and life span.

The Grundfos Product Centre is a faster and intuitive search tool than the WEBCAPS one. It was developed to facilitate GRUNDFOS activities. He presents himself as a “personal assistant.” Thus, once the entry is made, it stores the habits and preferences of each user in order to return to it quickly and easily.
The use of this tool has been simplified to facilitate its operation. Simply connect to the Product Center and the main page is loaded with all the recent saved items. In addition, the entire Product Center system is optimized for use on mobile devices, so that it is accessible anywhere from a smartphone or tablet.
The Grundfos Product Center also provides access to technical descriptions of each product, such as CAD drawings, curves, specifications, videos and documentation