WORLD – Danfoss Turbocor Compressors have received the prestigious ‘Innovative Star of Energy Efficiency’ as awarded by The Alliance to Save Energy. This is the most recent international award that the product has won for its technology, which is designed to make commercial buildings greener on a global scale. Danfoss proudly claim that the product huge can offer up to 40 percent energy savings in commercial air conditioning systems.
Danfoss Turbocor Compressors is one of the world leaders in technology for commercial air-conditioning applications, whereby the compressor shaft is held in place by an intelligent magnetic field, rather than by metal bearings as was previously the case. Consequently, the wear and tear on the compressor is greatly reduced, as are the noise levels, and oil is not required as a lubricant. Since the compressors are capable of running at variable speeds, energy savings up to 35- 40 percent are possible. This is not the first prize that Danfoss’ Turbocor compressors have won as earlier this year, their newest model was honoured with two prizes at the International Air-conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition in the US (AHR Expo), winning an innovation award in the category ‘green buildings’ and the main title, Product of The Year.

For Danfoss, the Turbocor compressors have not only been a source of awards but also a top performer in sales as the compressors have been one of the high achievers of Danfoss’ product portfolio, showing double-digit growth rates.

Commenting on this period of success, Ricardo Schneider, the President of Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, said: ”We are proud and humbled by the recognition of these awards, and we feel a tremendous responsibility to continue to improve energy efficiency around the world. It is through our customers’ applications that our innovative technology is able to transform the built environment. The potential for getting more out of less is huge and the high-efficiency building market is expanding fast: partly because of the increased focus on energy savings in commercial buildings, and partly because of urbanization, which creates a need of more buildings.”

Some of the notable buildings to use the Turbocor compressors include the Orlando Science Centre in Florida, the War Memorial of Korea building in Seoul, and the big green office building Marble Arch House in London.