Cross-Compliance Soon in France

French legislation has been introduced to accelerate eco-conditionality by October 2015. The decree on eco-conditionality of public aid for housing renovation signed by Ségolène ROYAL and Sylvia PINEL was published in the Official Journal on 18 July 2014. This decree was eagerly awaited by professionals and associations.

The decree aims to ensure that private individuals who wish to engage in the work of energy saving become qualified as a “Recognised Guarantor of the Environment” (RGE), which will also allow them to benefit from a Sustainable Development Tax Credit (TCSD) or an eco-interest-free loan (eco-IFL). The new legislation also aims to facilitate access by private individuals to these loans by reducing banking procedures and increase the number of authorised loans.

The eco-conditionality legislation will support the training of craftsmen and professionals in the energy sector and push them to improve the quality of their services. Indeed, even if a company uses a subcontractor, he or she must have EGR recognition. This decree will also improve the energy performance of old buildings.

In addition to improving the quality of their work, energy sector professionals will be able to provide evidence of their skills; and through the RGE label they will also benefit a new recognition of their businesses.

The eco-conditionality legislation lays the foundations for a better customer-craftsman relationship based on trust due to the qualification and recognition of the State in craftsmanship, while giving financial support to private individuals so that they turn to cleaner energies while saving energy.