Accelerate to sponsor US awards

USA – At ATMOsphere America 2015, Michael Garry, Editor, Accelerate America announced the magazine’s intention to host industry awards for the most progressive individuals and end users involved in the North American HVAC&R market. The award scheme, which is due to premier at ATMOsphere America 2016, will see Accelerate America present two categories of awards: Best in Sector and Person of the Year.


“I’m excited to announce this today and to really highlight the best use of natural refrigerants,” declared Garry.


The Best in Sector awards will see awards handed out to North American end users active in the food retail, food service and industrial sectors. The aim is to reward an end user for each category that has done their outmost to promote the adoption of natural refrigerant technologies over the previous year.


To qualify for a nomination for one of the three Best in Sector awards, the end user must either employ natural-refrigerant-based technology in new-build or retrofit installation completed between June 2015 and May 2016, or have completed a study during this time period about an installation which had been completed prior to the aforementioned dates. In both cases, the installation must demonstrate that it has delivered a reduction in energy consumption as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, while the installation must also demonstrate reproducibility and outline a business case in terms of capital, installations, operation, maintenance and training, and a return on investment.


The winners of the award will have been considered to have proven industry leadership through innovation, perseverance and a commitment to future installations.


In addition to the Best in Sector Awards, The Person of the Year Award will honour a single individual involved in the North American HVAC&R industry who has accomplished significant achievements in accelerating the adoption of natural refrigerant technology in the North American HVAC&R industry between June 2015 and May 2016.


The Person of the Year award is open to any individual involved in the North America HVAC&R industry, including policy makers, academics and manufacturers, who has been shown to have had an impact on the development and/or implementation of natural refrigerant systems and has demonstrated leadership in his/her organisation as well as within the industry at large.



Over the course of May and June 2016, in the period leading up to ATMOsphere America 2016, a panel of experts, assembled by shecco, will meet to review the nominations. However, the selection process is not merely restricted to nominations as the panel has the power to award the prize to a person who had not previously been nominated.


ATMOsphere America 2016 will then host a special ceremony with the aim of honouring the Accelerate Award winners for their contributions to the promotion of natural refrigerant technologies.


In addition to this ceremony, a special Awards issue of Accelerate America will be published in July 2016, including profiles of the recipients, highlighting their efforts and achievements.



Nominations can be made online from January – April 2016 via a dedicated section of All nominations must include the name and company of the nominee, the category for which the nominee is being nominated and also a reason for submission.