BOSCH THERMO TECHNOLOGY develops its market share

Germany: BOSCH THERMO TECHNOLOGY has developed over the last year an innovative heating solution to enable it to expand its market share. The company therefore expects stronger growth for 2014.

Last year, sales of individual and industrial heating equipment increased worldwide. The sale of heating, cooling and hot water for residential and commercial buildings increased by 2 %, or €3.12 billion and growth at constant exchange rates was 3.5%. BOSCH THERMO TECHNOLOGY employs 13,500 employees – 1.5 % less compared to the previous year.

BOSCH THERMO TECHNOLOGY also has a good growth potential in the field of energy for buildings. The German firm has developed an innovative technology to align technological standards intelligent heating. It offers more than 25,000 products on the market. Internet has helped link the devices and systems installed in buildings. This innovation should develop the market in the coming years and generate new services of the firm.

A recovery in the major European markets

In 2013, the firm has benefited from a better position in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Russia. Production of industrial boilers and heating in Russia began in July last year. This production has given new impetus to the growth in the country. The German company could easily recover its markets in Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic while demand in the Netherlands declined due to poor market conditions. France, Benelux and Italy have also recorded a drop in demand. Germany remains the key market of BOSCH THERMO TECHNOLOGY. It developed and looks even more promising for 2014. In general, the growth of the European market looks stable 2014.

Asia, a growing market

In China, sales of the German company´s products increased from 2012 and registered a growth of over 50 % in 2013. A situation which allowed BOSCH THERMO TECHNOLOGY to obtain top position in the market as the leading supplier of air conditioning and water heaters in China. This is the case even for air conditioners and commercial boilers that are appreciated in the country.