BDR Thermea publishes CSR Report

WORLD – The manufacturer and distributor of sustainable and smart climate solutions,BDR Thermea, has launched its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy Better Together. This first CSR report was conducted by surveying staff, talking to suppliers and customers in order to discover which CSR issues really mattered to the company’s stakeholders. The first CSR report also cites examples of the company’s work and some of BDR Thermea’s more recent achievements..
The company claims that the Better Together strategy was developed to provide focus for the CSR work within the company and to strengthen BDR Thermea’s culture of sustainability. The company stated that their goal in producing this report was to show that the group cares about the environment and tries to ensure that the people in the value chain are treated well – by means of improving products, reinforcing the supply chain, developing the people within the company and strengthening the business.
Company spokesman Rob van Banning said: “CSR isn’t a new philosophy at BDR Thermea. We have gone beyond compliance
on environmental and labour issues for many years, and we have been finding ways to bring together our commercial aims, our commitment to people, and our understanding of environmental limits. We innovate intelligent heating and domestic hot water solutions that give value for money and significantly reduced environmental impact.”
The company’s stated aims are to create industry-leading customer orientation and satisfaction, to continuously improve products and services, to work with user-friendly heating and cooling products, to apply internationally recognized social and environmental standards in all supply contracts, to adhere to the highest standards of sustainable labour practices and to be compliant with a sustainable reporting standard.